HIPAA importance tips

Since HIPPA was first introduced in 1996 by Congress in U.S, many health care organizations have struggled to become compliant with its privacy rules. With the introduction of rules like Security rule and privacy rule in HIPAA organizations handling electronic protected health information (ePHI) needs to take many measures to ensure that individual’s data and information is safe. If any health care agency or its business associates fails to comply with HIPAA compliance then they may face heavy fines and hefty penalties or other consequences. To avoid these fines and penalties any agency must follow the tips stated below to tips to ensure your business is take benefits from HIPAA compliant.

Make Sure Your Transmissions Are Secure

Always make sure that your employees must send individuals information back and forth between themselves or with other health care offices, insurance companies in a secure way. This information must be protected should not get a leak, stolen or misused by anyone. The best way to protect this information is to use a secure server to store files as well as encryption when sending emails.

Set up an Audit System

Any health care company or agency is responsible if there is a breach of information. It is the duty of an organization to find out the breach source and within 60 days the person (whose data has been leaked) must be informed about it. Simply, for this reason, the agency need to have a comprehensive audit system setup. Organization or agency must use advanced hardware and tools that record user logins, access times, and other pertinent activity.

Give Each User a Unique ID

To track and know the user’s activity it is very important to give your employees a unique ID or username. In this way, you will be informed that employees that need to access ePHI are granted access. In this way, you can track the activities to ensure they are following HIPAA compliance.

Have Plans for Emergency Access

Agencies must always have a backup plan to access the patient files in case something bad happens in case you need the data in emergency. Always have a backup plan for accessing ePHI during an emergency. Any individual always has the right under HIPAA to access their ePHI and incase they don’t get the access to it, agency could be breaking law.

Train Your Employees

Organization or agencies must specifically train their employees by explaining them what Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act is and how handle the ePHI and follow HIPAA compliance. Employee training is very important as a safeguard for the integrity of your business.

These are only the few important tips that an agency must follow to comply with HIPAA compliance. 

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